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Sam Vimes

That's Commander Vimes to you. Not Sir Samuel. Or Your Grace.

Commander Sam Vimes, Ankh-Morpork City Watch
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"I get it. Good Cop, Bad Cop, eh?"
"If you like. But we're a bit short-staffed, so if I give you a cigarette, would you mind kicking
yourself in the teeth?"

"Look down, your Grace," said Skimmer. "Mhm, mhm."
Vimes realized he could feel the faintest prick of the knifeblade on his stomach.
"Look down farther," he said.
Inigo looked down. He swallowed. Vimes had a knife, too.
"You really
are no gentleman, then," he said.
"Make a sudden move and neither are you," said Vimes. "And now it appears that we have reached what Sergeant Colon persists in refering to as an
imp arse."

Sam Vimes, Commander of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. Protector of the King's Piece, as the cudgel of office says. Which piece that is, I'll never know. But I keep it all the same. Not that we have a king. We do fine without one.
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